U Shape Dump truck has attracted buyer attention


The new designed dump truck has attracted the attention of many buyers because of its exterior design, and has gained more and more buyers' favor with its high quality characteristics.

Such as:

1. It is suitable for the transportation of coal, ore, earthwork, building materials and other scattered cargoes can transport loose materials and scattered cargoes. 

It has high strength, strong lifting force, strong bearing capacity and no deformation features.

2. Use high strength steel plate which is formed by welding after stamping. We are no longer relying on the traditional process of thickening the plate to ensure dump truck box strength.

3. After using the U-shaped box of steel plate, the weight of tipper truck can be reduced, and the U-shaped box can reduction 1-2 tons.

4. U-shaped box board has no right angle structure which reduces the residual amount of materials.

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