Side Wall Semi Trailer

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    Flatbed With Removable Sides Wall Trailer

    Flatbed With Removable Sides Wall Trailer

    Sides wall trailer belongs to the basic model of the semi-trailer has a very wide range of uses.Mainly used for medium and long distance transportation of medium and heavy goods and bulk cargo.Currently the first choice for medium and long-haul freight vehicles.The part of the side wall around the trailer body can be removed and turned into a flatbed semi trailer,And have all the features of flatbed semi-trailer.

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  • 3 Axle Sidewall Truck Trailer

    3 Axle Sidewall Truck Trailer

    3 axle sidewall truck trailer is based on the flatbed semi-trailer with a detachable Sidewall.
    Sidewall truck trailer is mainly used for transporting bulk cargo.
    Sidewall truck trailer can also be used to transport containers after the fence has been removed. The height of the side wall is generally 600-800mm. It can also be designed according to customers' requirements.

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