byd han ev 2022

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    Electric vehicle BYD HAN ev cars for sale in Uzbekistan

    BYD HAN ev cars with Super long cruising range NEDC 605km,3.9s 100 km acceleration.Equipped with BoschRIPB new generation integrated brake control system, and equipped with BremboR sports car-specific high-performance brake calipers and high-performance tires. Make the driving experience more responsive, smoother, more comfortable and safer. HAN electric vehicle with world's first new energy vehicle equipped with "blade battery" has the safety that other power batteries cannot match, and has both long life and long battery life, redefining the safety standard of new energy vehicles. BYD HAN EV cars maximum charging power can reach 100kW, charging for 10 minutes, and the battery life is 135 kilometers. At the same time, it is suitable for public charging piles across the country, and is compatible with a variety of charging methods. In Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries are very popular, many foreign customers purchase BYD HAN or SONG new energy vehicles

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