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  • Used 30ton Howo Tipper Dump Truck

    The characteristics of the used 30ton howo tipper dump truck: 1. Adopts special chassis, which is advanced in technology and reliable in performance. 2. Accessories are made by well-known foreign manufacturers, which ensures the good performance of the vehicle. 3. Dump truck chooses high-quality famous hydraulic parts at home and abroad. The auxiliary frame and the longitudinal beam of the carriage are made of high-quality manganese plate welding and bending. The carriage body has dustpan shape and rectangular shape. It has the characteristics of high strength and strong lifting force.

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  • Brand New Yellow Cnhtc cargo Sinotruk tipper

    New international yellow Cnhtc cargo Sinotruk tipper welcomed by client about it's nice color and good condtion.The comfort and anti-fatigue indicators of HOWO series heavy trucks have reached international standards. The steering wheel is improved to car shaped flexible plastic material, which has a good feel and can be adjusted up and down by 25mm.

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  • Financing International 50Ton Sino 6x4 Trucks Capacity

    We have many dump trucks and always have one type you like. Please consult our professional service team for details.

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  • Second Hand Modified Dumper Trucks

    1. Second hand modified dumper trucks overall appearance is atmospheric and the width of the interior space is more than 2.5 meters. 2. The engine of dump truck achieves fuel saving at low speed, which reduces clients' consumption. 3. The cleanliness, brightness, acid and firmness of the paint have reached the international level. 4. The whole structure is reasonable and compact, the sealing and crevice of the connecting parts are excellent.

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  • Used Dumper Howo Sino Tipper Prices

    HOWO dump trucks enjoy high evaluation in the industry and have become one of the main vehicles for cargo transportation. At the same time, the continuous use of new materials and new technology has higher control and maneuverability, strong carrying capacity, fuel economy, low failure rate, high residual value and high cost performance. The transmission engine has a wide range of power, diversified gears and a wide range of torque.

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  • Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck

    The characteristic of dump truck is that its carriage can tilt at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage can be unloaded. The tilt of the carriage is accomplished by the dump mechanism with the power of the dump truck engine. Because the loading carriage can dump and unload materials automatically, it can save time and labor greatly, shorten the transportation cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce transportation costs. It is a commonly used transport machinery.

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  • Triple Axle Self Dumping Truck Trailer

    Triple axle self dumping truck trailer is one of our main products.The frame design is reasonable,the process is advanced, and the box body adopts high-strength cold-rolled corrugated steel plate,no skeleton structure,various heights and selections of the box body,and large loading space.Multi-cylinder lift,with self-rescue tank,with multi-pulse,heavy load and so on.You can choose left and right single unloading, unloading different unloading methods on the left and right,easy to operate,and effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of users. We can design and make common and U type triple axle dump trailer according to clients’ needs.We sold many dump truck trailers to many African countries,triple axle self dumping truck trailer is very popular in African countries.We can produce more than 300 sets self dumping trailers every month.

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