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    Three Axle 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

    The flatbed semi-trailer is very versatile and is mainly used for medium and long-distance freight transportation. Flatbed semi-trailer uses high-strength international steel material, and the whole trailer has light weight and guarantees its resistance to twisting, shock and bounce, and meets different road load carrying capacity. Hot sale in all countries of the world.

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  • Tandem Flatbed Container Semi Truck Trailer

    Tandem Flatbed Container Semi Truck Trailer links two flatbed container semi truck trailer together,the trailer can be used for carrying 20ft,40ft containers or other bulk cargo.The loading capacity of our tandem flatbed container semi truck trailer is from 40T to 80T.Our tandem flatbed container trailers are very popular in Africa countries. We uses high strength steel Q345 or T700 to make our tandem flatbed container semi truck trailer.also called superlink flatbed container semi truck trailer.Our engineer can also design tandem trailer according to our clients' requirements.We can make more than 200 sets tandem flatbed container trailer per month.

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  • Heavy Duty End Dump Tipper Trailers

    Heavy duty end dump tipper trailers are used for transporting of bulk, loose goods such as coal, ore and building materials. End dump tipper trailer can effectively transport bulk goods.The frame and the longitudinal beams of the carriage are welded by high-quality manganese plates. The cargo boxes are available in both U type and rectangular shapes.U type end dump tipper trailers is more suitable for stones or minerals. High strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong carrying capacity, no permanent deformation.

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  • Gooseneck Flatbed Semi Truck Container Trailer

    The gooseneck flatbed semi truck container trailer is with small gooseneck to make flatbed height lower, which is more stable for transportation. it is suitable for heavy equipment and goods transportation. some small things like tools, water tank etc can be put on gooseneck if need. The flatbed semi truck trailer’s length, width, height can be customized as your need. The gooseneck flatbed semi truck container trailer can transport both containers and common cargoes. Axle, suspension, tires and other parts on the gooseneck flatbed trailer are top quality and optional by customers.

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  • Dry Bulk Pneumatic Cement Silo Semi Trailer

    Dry bulk pneumatic cement silo semi trailer is mainly used for transport large quantities of dust materials.Regular capacity is 30-65 m³,Applicable to the transportation of fly ash, bulk cement, lime powder, ore powder, etc. Using advanced manufacturing technology, the design is novel and durable. Integrated synthetic tank has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure bearing and good performance.

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  • Enclosed Strong Box Cargo Semi Trailer

    The frame of box cargo semi-trailer is beam-through structure.Longitudinal beam adopts flat type or gooseneck type.The height of the plate is from 400mm to 550mm. Longitudinal beams are welded by automatic submerged welding. The frame is shot blasted,The cross beam goes through the longitudinal beam and welds the whole body.Leaf spring and suspension have reasonable structure, strong rigidity and hardness. They are used to support load and reduce shock.

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  • Lpg Propane Semi Tank On Trailer

    Lpg propane semi tank on trailer is special for transporting liquefied gases such as propane, propylene, dimethyl ether, liquid ammonia, methylamine and acetaldehyde. We can also design and modify according to customer's needs for liquid ammonia, liquid sulfur dioxide, propylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, n-butane, isobutane, butene, isobutylene, butadiene, ethylene oxide transportation semi trailer. Lpg propane semi tank trailer volume is generally about 40 to 60 cubic meters.

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  • 40ft Skeleton Semi Trailer Specifications

    Skeleton semi-trailer is the best choice to transport all kinds of containers. The skeleton semi-trailer can transport a 20-foot container, a 40-foot container, a 45-foot container or two 20-foot containers at the same time. The skeleton semi-trailer has reasonable design structure and reliable operation.

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  • Tri Axle Side Tipping Dump Trailers

    The Side Tipping dump trailers is suitable for the transport bulk, loose goods such as coal, ore and building materials. Side Tipping dump trailers is a side dump self-unloading method.Effective loading and unloading of bulk cargo.The whole trailer is optimized by advanced computer-aided design software. According to the dump trailers bearing quality requirements, Side Tipping dump trailers frame is effectively analyzed, scientifically designed, reasonably distributed, and under the same load, the product weight is effectively reduced.

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