Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck

  • Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck
  • Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck
  • Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck
Heavy Duty Howo 8x4 Dump 12 Wheeler Truck
  • zw trailer
  • Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • 20-30days
  • 300 sets/month

The characteristic of dump truck is that its carriage can tilt at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage can be unloaded. The tilt of the carriage is accomplished by the dump mechanism with the power of the dump truck engine.
Because the loading carriage can dump and unload materials automatically, it can save time and labor greatly, shorten the transportation cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce transportation costs. It is a commonly used transport machinery.

Heavy duty howo 8x4 dump 12 wheeler truck has outstanding fuel economy, light weight, superior power performance, stable and reliable performance, and has a variety of personalized configuration options, beautiful cab, safe and comfortable.

It meets the requirements of harsh environment such as construction site and mining area, and is suitable for earthwork and engineering construction in short-distance mines.

12 wheeler truck

Good safety performance:

1. The cab body is an integral steel frame structure, which is solid and firm. It has strong anti-collision and anti-external pressure. Through strict collision test, its safety performance has been tested for a long time.

2. EVB assistant braking in European synchronization;

3. WABCO brake system is well-known in the world.

4. International famous steering system.

heavy duty dump truck



 Driving Type


 Engine max. Output(hp)

 371hp EURO II

 Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm):


 Body Inside Dimension (L*W*H):


 Gross vehicle weight (kg)


Thickness of bottom /side plate(mm):


Curb weight of the Chinese dump truck (kg)


 Load factor (payload to weight ratio)




 Hydraulic Lift of Carriage

 China middle lift

Wheel base(mm)



 ZF8098 Steering with doubleT-cross section beam


 HW19710,10 forward, 2 reverse

 Front Axle

 HF9 drum-type

 Rear Axle

 AC16 gear ratio 5.45




HW76, with two seats one bed ,left hand drive,all steel forward control, 55°hydraulically tiltable to the front, 2-arm windscreen wiper system with 3 speeds, laminated windscreen with casted-in ratio aerial, adjustable driver's seat and rigid adjustable co- driver's seat, with heating and ventilating system, outer sun visor, adjustable roof flap, stereo radio/cassette recorder, safety belts and adjustable steering wheel.4 point support fully floating suspension and shock absorber with tranverse stabilizer.air



 High bumper (metal)


 12.00R20,including one spare tire

Fuel Tank(L)



 Color by customer’s requirement 

howo 8x4 dump truck

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