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  • Tandem Flatbed Container Semi Truck Trailer

    Tandem Flatbed Container Semi Truck Trailer links two flatbed container semi truck trailer together,the trailer can be used for carrying 20ft,40ft containers or other bulk cargo.The loading capacity of our tandem flatbed container semi truck trailer is from 40T to 80T.Our tandem flatbed container trailers are very popular in Africa countries. We uses high strength steel Q345 or T700 to make our tandem flatbed container semi truck trailer.also called superlink flatbed container semi truck trailer.Our engineer can also design tandem trailer according to our clients' requirements.We can make more than 200 sets tandem flatbed container trailer per month.

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  • Carbon Steel Water Tank Truck Trailer

    Carbon steel tank trailer is mainly used for transportation of water, gasoline, diesel oil, benzene, hydrofluoric acid, phenol, asphalt, sulfur and other media. We have our own professional and technical team to design and produce for you, to ensure product quality,besides,our price is very competitive.

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  • 3 Axle Sidewall Truck Trailer

    3 axle sidewall truck trailer is based on the flatbed semi-trailer with a detachable Sidewall. Sidewall truck trailer is mainly used for transporting bulk cargo. Sidewall truck trailer can also be used to transport containers after the fence has been removed. The height of the side wall is generally 600-800mm. It can also be designed according to customers' requirements.

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    LPG Gasoline Transfer Tanker Truck Trailer

    LPG semi-trailer belongs to transportation equipment in chemical equipment, specializing in transportation of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, butane, propane, etc. High quality product quality and perfect after-sales service have won the trust of our customers.

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  • Bulk Cement Tanker Truck Trailer

    Bulk cement tanker truck trailer is mainly used for the transportation of solid powders with poor fluidization performance, density and specific particle size.The tank material is generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel, or it can be made of aluminum alloy.Transportation medium:It can carry all kinds of powder and granular materials such as cement,soda ash,flour,feed,quartz sand. We have professional design team,qualified workers and strict inspection team,which ensure the quality of our bulk cement truck trailer.The output of our cement bulk trailer is more than 200 sets every month,can meet the huge needs of the market both domestic and abroad.

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  • Triple Axle Self Dumping Truck Trailer

    Triple axle self dumping truck trailer is one of our main products.The frame design is reasonable,the process is advanced, and the box body adopts high-strength cold-rolled corrugated steel plate,no skeleton structure,various heights and selections of the box body,and large loading space.Multi-cylinder lift,with self-rescue tank,with multi-pulse,heavy load and so on.You can choose left and right single unloading, unloading different unloading methods on the left and right,easy to operate,and effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of users. We can design and make common and U type triple axle dump trailer according to clients’ needs.We sold many dump truck trailers to many African countries,triple axle self dumping truck trailer is very popular in African countries.We can produce more than 300 sets self dumping trailers every month.

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